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The Project "Effect of climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions and biomass" is funded from Polish-Norwegian Research Programme (

The aim of the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme is to reduce economic and social differences and to promote bilateral cooperation through popularization and support of scientific research. The Programme prioritizes funding for research and development in the following areas: environment,climate change including polar research,health,social sciences and bilateral relations, including the issues of migration, social cohesion, the role of minorities and the social dimension of sustainable development,gender equality and work-life balance, Carbon Capture and Storage.


Please find below the basic information about the FINEGRASS Project:

Project Title: Effect of Climatic Changes on Grassland Growth, its Water Conditions and Biomass

Project Acronym: FINEGRASS

Duration: 17.12.2013 - 16.12.2016

Budget: 3 854 686,00 PLN

No of Partners: 5


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